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Learn python by building projects.

Join 15,000+ students on their journey to becoming python freelancers. I'll help you build projects as you master the basics of python in my course.


I wish something like this was out there when I started learning because everyone else explains things in such a complicated way and makes it so boring! I honestly think programming is based upon exploration and creativity rather than some mathematical/logical genius frame of mind!

There are also no pre-requisites for this course and all levels are welcome. The course also has interactive exercises built into it where you can run your code and it will give you immediate feedback so you can learn everything super fast!

I will literally be going through every single thing and breaking it down for you so there is nothing for you that would be scary. You can watch me do it and you can simply follow along and you will learn ALL the basics.


I am confident it can help if you have ever said anything like:

  • "It's probably too late for me to start programming"
  • "I'm not an expert on anything"
  • "I'm not a math wizard"

Computer Programming is the #1 most growing industry in the job market

You may have noticed many people switching the software development field and even more people making the switch as time progresses.

That's because computer programming is the right choice.

Tenzin Phuljung

"As a professional coding instructor who has taught 100's of students... Learn Python™ has been a tremendous resource for me to point all my students to as their starting point. It is especially effective for beginners with ZERO coding experience. Could not recommend that course enough. And oh best of all... It's FREE!"