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[FREE] 6-Figure JavaScript Developer Challenge LIVE 👨‍💻

We're running a 5-day JavaScript Developer challenge on May 25th to help you kickstart your career as a developer even if you're a complete beginner (May 25th - 29th).

The winner gets a $6,000 online JavaScript coding bootcamp at Clever Programmer.

And if you refer the winner, you win too 😎.


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How to make $5k/month or more as a modern JavaScript developer. Regardless of your previous experience or knowledge.

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Profitable Programmer

How to make $5k/month or more as a modern Python developer. Regardless of your previous experience or knowledge.

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Profitable Shortcut

How to start a wildly profitable 6-figure business as a freelance developer. This program is application only. We are highly selective about who we enroll into this program. Currently we are accepting new applications. Make sure you apply before we close enrollment.

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On this call we will create a roadmap for you to becoming a 6-figure developer. If the plan sounds good & we decide you're a good fit for the program... I'll let you know how you can join my 90-day intensive program called Profitable Shortcut. Your answers will remain completely confidential and are used to prepare a strategy for you prior to the call.

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